The art of planning the best way to gain an advantage or achieve success.


We collaborate with clients to assess, develop, execute, and achieve business strategies.  Internal and external forces create both hurdles and opportunities.  We work with our clients to increase agility, prepare for the future, and maximize advantages across people, process, and technology.  Ultimately, we dive in with you to create a long-term path and individual steps that will move you forward, helping you achieve your vision and goals.


  • Customer experience strategy

  • Digital strategy

  • Sales force strategy

  • Marketing strategy

  • Vendor strategy  

  • Business strategy

  • Process/technology prioritization and optimization

  • Strategic roadmap development and execution

Customer demands, product offerings, and technology capabilities continue to quickly grow, and companies must be proactive (and, in some cases, reactive) to ensure they elevate accordingly. Individuals have a threshold for change, and we work with our clients to identify influencers, manage stakeholders, develop poignant messaging, and ensure both executive sponsors and leaders are equipped.


  • Sponsorship and leadership

  • Stakeholder engagement and adoption

  • Objectives development and communications

  • Change management

  • Learning strategy

The process in which an organization changes its structure, strategies, operational methods, technologies, or organizational culture to affect change within the organization.

Transformational Change


Step-by-step methodology that identifies dysfunctional aspects of workflow, procedures, structures and systems, realigns them to fit current business realities and goals, and then develops plans to implement the new changes.

Organizational Design

As believers in the expression, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts,” we work with our clients to ensure they are structured in a way that maximizes opportunities and growth individually and collectively.  People are the heart of organizations.  Effective business operations and transformations occur when employees have a clear understanding of their role and contribution, understand and are invested in the company’s vision, and are equipped with the tools, structure, and guidance necessary to succeed.


  • Operating model and organizational structure

  • Process development and implementation

  • Leadership structure and development

  • Employee engagement and performance management

  • Leadership coaching and succession planning

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